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Beaches & Waterways

There are a number of beautiful beaches and swimming spots in the Sutherland Shire, from the Cronulla Coastline to the Royal National Park.

Patrolled Beaches:Lifeguards on Cronulla Beaches

Lifeguard hours of operation vary throughout the year. Check operating hours here.

Non Patrolled Beaches:

Rock Pools & Netted Baths:

*** Please note that dogs are prohibited on the beach and in all ocean or tidal paths unless otherwise signposted. The tidal baths and rock pools are not patrolled by lifeguards.

Leisure Centres

Sutherland Leisure Centre is located on Rawson Avenue, Sutherland. There is a 50 metre heated outdoor pool, heated indoor and outdoor pools and a children’s play area and pool. There is also a spa and steam room. Every Sunday there are two giant water inflatable obstacle courses for the most fun you will have in the water! These are suitable for kids aged 5 to 14 years who must be accompanied by an adult and be able to swim. 
With a 50 metre heated outdoor pool and heated program and toddlers pool, Engadine Leisure Centre is a great option for families. As well as a kiosk and café, there is plenty of grass to lay out a picnic rug and enjoy some fun in the water. 
Just off the Kingsway in the heart of Caringbah, is Caringbah Leisure Centre. With a 50 metre heated outdoor pool, 25 metre heated outdoor program pool and toddlers’ pool there is a great range of options for everyone. There is also a kiosk café and shade shelters. 
Como Swimming Complex is a free seasonal aquatic recreation facility which is open between October and March. There is a 20 metre seasonal program pool and closed on public holidays.

Beach Wheelchair service

Sutherland Shire Council also offers a beach wheelchair service for people with limited mobility. Click here for more information.

Surf Safety:

There are rips and sand bars all along the Cronulla coastline, which can make for some great surf breaks but swimmers need to be very cautious.

Please observe the following water safety information which may save your life;

NO FLAGS NO SWIM! Always swim between the red and yellow flags. The flags indicate a supervised swimming area, so never swim outside the flags.

DO NOT SWIM directly after a meal or if under the influence of alcohol.

DO NOT SWIM when the beach is closed or unpatrolled. If there are no red and yellow flags this means the beach is closed or unpatrolled.

DO NOT PANIC if you get caught in a current or undertow – raise one arm up in the air to signal for lifeguard assistance, stay calm and float until help arrives.

DO NOT STRUGGLE if you get a cramp – raise your arm for help and float or keep the affected parts of your body still.

DO NOT STRUGGLE against a rip or current – swim diagonally across it.

ALWAYS supervise your child in or around any body of water.

IF UNSURE of surf conditions ask the lifeguards or lifesaver for advice.

We recommend you visit the surf hero website, bought to you by Sutherland Shire Council for tips and beach safety guidelines.

Current conditions and updates are available on the Beachsafe website.